An ironing aid

How much agitation does a badly ironed shirt create, having to pass the iron again and again on the same shirt to get it perfect, realising that sometimes there are yellow marks because you left the iron on the shirt too long on in an attempt to eliminate a crease? Definitely, a good iron and some skill in ironing helps in reducing time and effort, but insufficient to optimise the work and energy spent to get an excellent result!
An ironing aid
We often overlook the importance of the base on which items to be ironed are placed and especially the cloth that covers the ironing board. In reality, this is not a negligible detail since an ironing board cover that allows you to optimize the heat from the iron, sliding the iron over the garment with ease while keeping the fabric perfectly flat, and which can withstand high temperatures, is critical for perfect ironing. Details that make the difference, a difference you can see and feel after just one hour of ironing!

Arix offers an assorted range of ironing board covers to meet every ironing need, even professional: an ironing board cover with towelling support, ironing board covers with felt, ironing board covers in metallic fabric treated with anti-crumbling resins and without asbestos or solvents, and many others.

The Stirokay Oplà ironing board cover is particularly suitable when you need to iron many cotton garments and use high temperatures to get perfect and quick ironing. The fastening system of the cover on the ironing board with a blocking clip is designed to make sure that the cover adheres perfectly to the flat surface, without folds or wrinkles, to allow for smooth and fast ironing.
Stirokay Silver is the ironing board cover in cotton, treated with aluminium and laminated with polyester sponge, ideal for those who want quick and perfect ironing. The aluminium coating reflects and spreads the heat evenly, favouring good fast ironing. The uniform diffusion of heat means reducing ironing time and the presence of microholes in the cover allows rapid vapour circulation.

For ironing delicate garments, Arix recommends Stirokay Net, the practical mesh ironing cloth that protects delicate fabrics and does not create an unsightly shine.
The transparent mesh weave of the Net ironing cloth means you can constantly control the condition of garments during ironing and protects the garment from excessive heat, which causes the "shine" effect. The Net ironing cloth is especially suitable for delicate garments such as silk, velvet and even tracksuits and nylon clothing.

For anyone using a lot of steam, therefore a professional iron, Arix recommends Stirokay Energy the ironing board cover, which has an aluminium insert that optimizes heat for a uniform diffusion over the entire surface, which favours perfect, easy ironing.
Energy is the ironing board cover in cotton joined to a double layer of towelling containing a thin aluminium film that reflects and radiates heat evenly without dispersion and cold areas. This allows you to iron more quickly and have a garment ironed perfectly. The double layer of towelling also means full absorption of excess steam ensuring high resistance to high temperatures.
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