Cleaning the cooking hob

In the kitchen, one of the area most subject to dirt is the cooking hob. Every day we cook and immediately after using stovetops and ovens it is advisable to clean them to prevent dirt from sticking and becoming difficult to remove.

Often we fail to remove all the dirt from stovetops or after cleaning the surface, it remains dull or has marks. To avoid these disappointing results, you must use the right products. You must rely on cleaning articles that ensure clean surfaces as well as respecting them, from enamelled ones to those in glass and those in stainless steel.
Cleaning the cooking hob
The cooking hob is subject to frequent splashes of oil and grease from the frying pan on the burner. Not to mention when water overflows when cooking pasta or when, for distraction or little warning, you forget to remove the lid from a pot and in less than no time the cooking hob is completely covered with liquid spilling from the pot.

To clean without scratching the surface of a stainless steel cooking hob, especially in the area around the hobs, Arix provides sponges and cloths that clean without damaging the surfaces so you can efficiently remove food debris.

The Mycro-Pad cloth is a special microfibre cloth coated with a special abrasive mesh for thorough removal of dirt and greasy deposits without scratching and leaving marks.
The side made of ultra-thin microfibres allows easy absorption of liquids and dries surfaces without leaving marks or streaks. In addition, the special polyurethane core provides better absorption than regular microfibre cloths and ensures greater resistance to intensive use.

All cleaning is to be done without the use of detergents since the cloth alone cleans and degreases perfectly without having to resort to degreasers and detergents, which are always best to avoid in the kitchen.
Just a few wipes and at the most a few drops of vinegar make the cooking hob perfectly clean and shiny, ready for cooking again!
For enamelled cooking hobs, we recommend using Fiesta Sponge Antigraffio [Non-Scratch], an abrasive sponge with non-scratch fibre for removing encrusted marks without abrasion and the soft, open-pore structure allows for quick rinsing if you are using detergents. If you use a detergent, we recommend using a neutral one so as not to leave marks.
If the cooking hob is, pyroceram is best to use a sponge and non-abrasive cloths. In addition to the Mycro-Pad kitchen cloth, we recommend Pannospugna Fresh [Sponge-cloth] in 100% biodegradable cellulose to clean and dry with no residue or streaks.
The Fresh sponge cloth is treated with an antibacterial agent to inhibit the proliferation of fungi and bacteria in the cloth, which may develop when in contact with food.
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