MasterClean, master of cleaning


MasterClean is a brand new sponges and scourres premium line, designed to offer all the best, contemporary innovation available on the market, without compromise and with that touch of color to improve your mood in small and big daily cleaning.
  • MasterClean abrasive sponges are made of top quality polyurethane foam or 100% natural cellulose: soft and pleasant  touch and thanks to their ergonomic shape, allow a more comfortable grip and fitting on all surfaces, even the most narrow.
  • Particular attention was paid to the selection of abrasive fibers, choosen with different strength degrees and with special treatments preserving a longer life: thanks to a specific anti-grease treatment, the abrasive fibers of MasterClean sponges don't absorb dirt and grease removed, staying clean and effective longer. Decorated and glittering fibres,  finally make glamorous products which want to stand out not only for their performance.
  • The MasterClean scourers are usefull also for the maintenance of better hygienic conditions in the home we live in: sponge and abrasive fibers are treated with a special antibacterial ingredient that prevents the inside bacteria build up, inhibiting bad odors and the  visible deterioration of the product itself.
Hereafter, for the care and cleaning of pots and pans, sink and stove-top, tiles and sanitary ware, all washable surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom you can settle for boring, usual sponge scourers or you can point the best results with MasterClean abrasive sponges, those for home cleaning experts: guaranteed by ARIX, the home helper.
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