We know we are living in a world that seriously threaten both the future of the planet itself and of next generations. Globalization and uncontrolled growing of industrial productions are among the causes of pollution, climate change and reduction of non-renewable resources.
ARIX has always been well aware of all these issues and we have always tried our best to change these trends.
The first step was ECO-QUALITY, our first brand “environmentally aware. ECO-QUALITY meant brooms produced from virgin polypropylene granules, and therefore fully recyclable;bristles made with 90% recycled materials.
However, this was not enough. We wanted to take another step forward: Tonkita WE LIKE GREEN is the first complete line of eco-friendly cleaning tools, made with 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials proudly engineered and Made in Italy.
Plastic parts are manufactured 100% from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials certified «PP second life»; bristles are produced only with quality, after-consumer, recycled materials, primarily from PET beverage bottles. The appearance and the color of each product is unique and unrepeatable, because it comes from recycled material.
Tonkita - WE LIKE GREEN deliver a product whose life cycle is potentially never-ending when inserted into the waste collection: each piece is, at the same time, finished product and raw material.
The commitment of Tonkita - WE LIKE GREEN also involves the packaging, manufactured with recycled folding carton and paper, printed with vegetable-based inks.
What about performance of the products? Excellent for a careful and informed user, looking for the best results with minimal effort.Plastic parts are compact and resistant to wear and tear; bristles more resistant to low/high temperatures and with better mechanical properties than non-recycled ones; design and quality communicate all of Tonkita, Made in Italy, know-how.
Tonkita - WE LIKE GREEN is not just another empty greenwashing, it is a clear productive and industrial strategy, that will influence our future choices. It will lead us to be more and more involved in the promotion of a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Because the planet future is our future.
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