An ironing aid

Either you love it or you hate it! Ironing shirts is a job that some people like, but most people who are forced to do it find it one of the most hated household chores!
To iron a shirt well, you definitely need: good advice on how to proceed and the right sequence of steps to respect, a good iron with powerful steam and last but not least, an ironing board covered with a cloth that does not wrinkle, that will aid ironing ensuring heat uniformity, that does not get wet with the steam, and lets the iron slide smoothly on the shirt.

An ironing aid
Arix offers an assorted range of ironing board covers to meet every ironing need, even professional: an ironing board cover with towelling support, ironing board covers with felt, ironing board covers in metallic fabric treated with anti-crumbling resins and without asbestos or solvents, and many others. Stirokay Pearly is the ironing board cover in cotton, treated with metallized coating and soft foam layer, ideal for those who want quick and perfect ironing. The aluminium coating reflects and spreads the heat evenly, favouring good fast ironing time. The uniform diffusion of heat means reducing ironing time and the presence of microholes in the cover allows rapid vapour circulation. With the Pearly ironing board cover, ironing shirts will no longer be a hated chore, ironing time is reduced, ironing will be much easier and the result certainly very satisfying!


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