How to make our marble and wooden floors shiny?


“PULIGENIX dust removal and cleaning systems" and “PULIGENIX dust removal and cleaning - insert” are quick and certain solution of your problemsTotaly rotative. Their application will make your wooden floor shiny and beautiful again, because, although our wooden and marble floors are so beautiful and elegant - they are also very difficulct to keep clean.
How to make our marble and wooden floors shiny?
For a long time, washing, cleaning and waxing agents have existed, designed for both types of surface, eliminating or limiting problems with cleaniness, but these solutions require a lot of effort, time and involvement and are difficult in everyday use.

“PULIGENIX dust removal and cleaning system” enables quick, efficient and everyday cleaning of wooden and  marble floors, restoring their shine and guaranteeing long-term maintenance, without the necessity to use water and cleaning agents.
The possibility of quick removal of any traces or streaks makes the floor cleaning and everyday practice without effort so common at use of traditional cleaning or waxing agents..

With “PULIGENIX dust removal and cleaning - insert ", the PULIGENIX system cleans streaks and other traces of everyday use precisely and delicately.  Using  “PULIGENIX dust removal and cleaning - insert”, the PULIGENIX system collects hair, crumbles and even the finest dust and dirt with a single wipe without raising and moving.
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