"Only well structured systems come out with succeeding companies: the people that work there are the necessary plus" (Silvano Daniele Melegari, chairman).

A network of people and functions working together allowed us to reach the flexibility required to follow the market evolution. This is one of our key point. At the same time our people are always very involved in their work, increasing their team spirit. That’s why we can today proudly speak of the Team Arix Polska.

Accounting Department Division : Mrs  Marzena Michalczyk

Planning Resource Division: Mrs Anna Muskała

Purchasing Department Division:  Inż Rafał Mielczarek

Production Department Division: Mgr inż Karolina Myjak

Production Division: Mr Tomasz Koch

Sales Division: Mrs Olga Małek

B2B Sales Manager: Mr Luca Tizzi

Export Sales Division: Mrs Barbara Mabilia
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