Arix Polska Sp. z o.o is a company, being a part of the Italian ARIX group, one of the most important manufacturers of abvasive fibres in the world and sponges with cleaning fibre for home and industrial use.

Arix Polska designes, develops, manufactures and sells products for cleaning, articles for cleanness and personal hygiene, brushes and accessories for cleaning vehicles and professional cleaning services.

Synthetic sponges and plant cellulose, natural fibre sponges, abrasive sponges, preventing surface scratching, abrasive fibres, stainless steel scourer, zinc-coated scourers, universal wipes and floor wipes, cellulose sponge wipes and chamois wipes, dust amd microfibre wipes, ironing board covers, indoor and outdoor brushes, brooms, cleaners, dust removal sets and floor cleaning sets, as well as many articles create complete and continously supplemented assortment, which is able to satisfy the requirements of all clients, including those most rigorous and requiring.

This allows to save time and effort at maximums efficiency and comfort.

After acquiring the TONKITA brand, the Plastic Division of ARIX becme one of the most important European Centres of manufacturing brushes and cleaning accessories.

Modernisation of the manufacturing cyclce in terms of technology allowed to exploit the advantages offerred by recovery and recycling of materials, which allows to decrease the environmental impact within sustainable development.

Plastic fibres, used for manufacturing of bristle of Tonkita brushes, are manufacutred in whole by ARIX Polska, exclusively from recycled PET granulate.

Arix is involved every day in their duties in a professional, reliable and enthusiastic way in order to confirm the achieved position of a "Home assistant" of a contemporary consumer, offering innovative, high-quality products and many other products and many useful solutions, simplifying and facilitating home cleaning.
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