Brooms & industrial brooms

We have always placed at the centre of our "world" what we know how to do best, products for home cleaning. The resources and energy used over the years to increase the productivity and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies have enabled control of the production line of synthetic abrasive and cellulose fibre sponges, abrasive fibres and ironing board covers, ensuring high quality standards at each step, from the raw material supplier to the final storage in our warehouse.

Having presses of various tonnage, for direct and bi-component injection to mould polypropylene and semi-expanded polypropylene and horizontal and vertical punching machines allow us to offer in addition to the finished product even semi-finished and customisable components to make brooms, brushes, dustpans, and other cleaning tools; thanks to last generation plants for the extrusion of recycled PET, we are able to produce recyclable plastic fibres of various thickness, size and length.

We transferred this typically industrial approach to all the companies of the group and we shared it with selected suppliers of multipurpose cloths, floor cloths, steel wool and household gloves, placing it as an essential element of partnership, so that every new or reproduced product will always be up to the quality and performance of the items that proudly wear our brand.

Living and learning about the product in all its processes enhances awareness of what we are able to offer you: the seriousness and the experience of the manufacturer, for concrete complete responses to your needs, meeting beforehand your requests where possible.
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