Cleaning bathroom fixtures

Hygiene is essential in the home! Every room needs to be taken care of for cleaning and hygiene according to the characteristics of the room itself: the coating materials, furniture, furnishing textiles, accessories, and its use. Each room thus requires a targeted and thorough cleaning and this is why specific cleaning products and articles are indicated for each specific area and purpose.
Cleaning bathroom fixtures
In particular, the bathroom is a part of the home where, however small it may be, you can create an environment of relaxation and well-being, where you can care for your body, enjoy relaxing moments under the shower or a relaxing bath, moments of attention to your beauty. This is why, for many people, the bathroom is the most important room in the home and therefore cleanliness and hygiene must be very accurate.

In the bathroom, there are many different surfaces: marble, ceramics, mirrors, furniture made of wood or metal, shelves. Knowing how to choose the right products and use them properly is essential, just as it is important to organise the cleaning job in order not to work in vain.

The ceramic fixtures require special care to clean them without scratching the surfaces and ensure the elimination of limescale deposits or yellowish stains due to a high content of iron in the water.
Daily it would be useful to eliminate the drops of water left to avoid limescale stains in the sink, the bidet and the shower or bathtub.
For a quick wipe on the fixtures and taps, Arix recommends Asciuga Tutto, a very soft, easy to use cloth that wipes the surfaces with unbeatable absorbency, leaving them dry and free of streaks and marks.

For more thorough deep cleaning of bathroom fixtures we recommend a soft sponge with non-scratch fibre, ideal for gentle cleaning; thanks to its ergonomic shape it ensures a more comfortable grip allowing you to reach the most difficult corners. The vegetable cellulose the Brillabagno sponge is made of, ensures maximum absorbency and does not retain residues.
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