Cleaning parquet floors

Modern living areas are inviting and full of life, carefully furnished to create an ideal environment to get together with the family for enjoyment and relaxation. This is why the kitchen, once a meeting place that cheered many winter evenings, has increasingly given way to more or less large spaces dedicated to comfort and relaxation, where you can spend time together with family and friends.
Wood is definitely an element that warms, creates a pleasant touch of warmth and natural colour in the home, and creates pleasant sensations to the touch. Parquet in the living area not only requires special attention in cleaning, but also in respect of its beauty.
Cleaning parquet floors
There are many types of parquet so it is necessary to consider the characteristics of each floor in order clean perfectly without the risk of ruining the parquet.

Clean the parquet floor correctly in order to guarantee that wood floors maintain their beauty and durability. To avoid having to clean the parquet floor aggressively in order to remove accumulated dirt and stains we recommend that you clean it regularly and frequently. Arix has useful tips for cleaning brushed and polished parquet floors, treated with natural varnishes and oils.
We recommend using antistatic cloths that make it possible to remove dust without moving it from one place to another.
A fast and convenient way to capture dust without having to wash and put away cloths and rags after use is Tonkita's Attirapolvere Kit [dusting cloth], composed of cloths made with Spunlace technology and treated with antibacterial Nobilsan. The soft sponge adheres effectively to the parquet surface and cleans uniformly.
To capture dust and small debris, Puligenix Spolvera e Lava is a cotton towelling cloth by Tonkita that you use with the practical support and handle in order to move the cloth along the floor smoothly and quickly. It is ideal for quick cleaning and for all delicate surfaces such as brushed and polished parquet and marble.

If the floor needs to be cleaned of dust as well as lightweight and easy to remove dirt, Arix recommends Mycro-Basic floor cloth made of soft microfibre textile, great for dusting and for washing a brushed and polished parquet floor.
This cloth lends itself to double use: it can be used dry to capture the dust that has settled on the floor without spreading it into the environment; it can be used wet for gentle cleaning without having to rely on detergents and soaps. The parquet will stay beautiful and clean over time.

For more thorough cleaning the Brill Action cloth made of microfibre textile treated with polyurethane removes all traces of dirt, even the most greasy and dense, without leaving marks and streaks. The cleaning power of this cloth means washing the parquet floor without the use of detergents and soaps but simply with water.
The polyurethane coating gives the Brill Action cloth high absorbency and durability. Resistance to washing and to the most porous and rough surfaces is due to the special microfibre treated with polyurethane, which prevents it from splitting and consequent release of lint.
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