Arix Masterclean NaturXtra cellulose sponge scourer

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Natural cellulose sponge big size with recycled scourer side enriched with copper micro particles. The abrasive layer, made of recycled synthetic and vegetal fibres, can remove stubborn dirt and encrustations without scratching surfaces. The micro-particles of copper are a natural inhibitor to the multiplication of microbes and bacteria in the fiber, thus avoiding the onset of bad smells. Cellulose sponge grants best absorbency, easy to rinse and keep clean. Thanks to the large size and erfonomic shape, it’s always easy and confortable to use and easily clean large sufaces.


Recommendations for use and care are the same as for a product not treated with an antibacterial agent. Cellulose sponge gets dry in the open air but just put it under water it returns nicely to its own soft shape. Rinse well before and after each use.

SKU: 1 12784 Categories: ,